The patronage of the film "Our Little Poland"

We would like to inform you that the ICHIGO Japanese Business & Culture Center  took patronage over the documentary film entitled "Our Little Poland" directed by Matěj Bobřík.



This  is a hilarious documentary about Japanese students studying Polish at the University of Tokyo. The heroes of the film treat Poland as a country where there are no queues in suburban trains, the national dish is kebab and everyone after studying gets their dream job. 

The premiere of the film will take place on January 24, 2020.


Movie description: 

Every  year, a dozen or so young Japanese people study at the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. One of the obligatory tasks of second-year students is to stage theatrical art in Polish. "Our Little Poland" talks not only about the process of learning the Polish language, but also about how ideas of adulthood collide with reality. Matěj Bobřík's film has a bittersweet taste of growing up.

Duration: 70 minutes
Production year: 2019


Written and directed by Matej Bobrik
Photos: Michael Stajniak
Installation: Tomasz Ciesielski PSM Jerzy Zawadzki PSM Matej Bobrik
Music: Timothy Witczak
Sound inside: Anna Year
Scoring: Katarzyna Szczerba
of manufacturer: Agnieszka Skalska, Agnieszka Dziedzic
Production: Koi Studio
Co-producers : TVP , EC1-Łódź, shortCat
Co-financing: Polish Film Institute 

We invite you to watch!