Japanese Summer Course 2020!

Maybe a Japanese course in the summer?


For people who want to spend holiday time in a valuable way, we encourage you to learn Japanese at probably the best Japanese language school in Poland - ICHIGO. 


Classes are run only by professional teachers from Japan (Japanese). We also provide access to a multimedia learning base.
Due to current circumstances (covid-19 coronavirus), we give you the opportunity to choose from 3 plans online in August:



Holiday plan

Holiday plan

Holiday plan

Number of classes and duration:

4 x 75 min

4 x 90 min

8 x 60 min

Monthly fee:

175 zł

189 zł

268 zł


The number of places is limited.



You can not decide? Call us and we will definitely help you choose the right plan!


 Umieszczone na stronach  ICHIGO materiały informacyjne nie stanowią oferty w rozumieniu Kodeksu Cywilnego.