Beginning of the year 2020/2021 - welcome

 Update 09/02/2020:
This year we note a very high level of applications for individual classes. If the trend continues, teachers' time availability may be severely limited. Therefore, we encourage all willing - if possible - to apply early and we remind you that it is always possible to  change the group or date free of charge

We encourage everyone interested in learning Japanese at ICHIGO® to familiarize themselves with our current offer, which has been enriched with new ONLINE GROUP courses.   

Learning a language is a useful and valuable way to spend time and meet new people, also in the current circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 






What will classes be like in an ongoing pandemic? 

We always try to use common sense and that is why we leave the freedom to choose the form of learning to our participants with the possibility of changing the mode (online / stationary) free of charge during the school year. On the part of ICHIGO®, all protective measures for workers and equipment will be provided. 

From September 2020, we are also adding online group lessons to our online course offer. At ICHIGO®, we are not only driven by profit and taking care of a good pace of learning, atmosphere and comfort, online group classes will be conducted only in a small group.  



  • Individual
  • Group courses
  • Mini-group courses
  • Individual
  • Group courses
  • Mini-group courses
Recruitment is conducted at all levels, i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

 Why is it worth studying at ICHIGO®?

  • All our teachers are Japanese with appropriate qualifications and a passion for teaching their native language,

  • Our team meets regularly to work together on efficiency and a good atmosphere in each of the ICHIGO® groups,

  • Classes are conducted using the direct method, which involves learning in Japanese from the first class, without using an auxiliary language,

  • Beginners use our original textbook, which we have developed based on years of experience and consultation with participants,

  • Our groups consist of no more than 10 people, which is conducive to learning and getting to know each other better,

  • ...  because we're probably the best at what we do.



We always try to adapt to the availability of participants, therefore the dates of classes are determined on the basis of received applications. Most groups usually start in September and October and in February. Last year, almost 400 people studied at ICHIGO®. Welcome! 



We  will be happy to advise you on choosing the right plan and answer your questions. We are waiting on the phone number +48 785 15 00 15 or e-mail: 

See you soon!