Japanese language course in summer 2021!

Learning Japanese gives you amazing benefits and great satisfaction.

The holiday period is worth devoting not only to rest, but also to challenges and developing in a valuable way.


Due to the current circumstances (covid-19) that affect the availability of our teachers in branches, we give you the opportunity to choose from 2 regular plans online in July and August:



Plan A Online

Plan B Online

Number of classes
and duration:

4 x 60 min

4 x 90 min

Monthly fee:

169 zł *

229 zł *



* We invite you to join as part of the regular course. The given price already includes a 50 zł discount for the SUMMER2021 code when signing the contract for an indefinite period in July-August. Additionally, if you don't like the first lesson, you'll get a full refund.


Starting the course in the summer of 2021, you have the option to continue your studies in the new school year starting in September.


Classes are conducted only by professional teachers from Japan (Japanese). We also provide access to a multimedia learning base.

We start the group after gathering at least 4 people.


The number of places is limited!

We invite you!