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EU-Japan trade

Since 2010, we provide training support, development programs for companies and import-export brokerage in trade relations between EU and Japanese companies.

We have a wide network of contacts in Japan, and we provide our import and export services mainly for medium and large enterprises.

Training and audits

Kaizen or continuous improvement is our domain. We are happy to share knowledge and experience with companies that care about broadening horizons, introducing changes in the structure and organizational culture.

Not all Japanese solutions are perfect, but thanks to our training and support you will improve your business and get new worthwhile ideas for its development.

Help and assistance

Do you urgently need a Japanese translator for important documents or a meeting? Or maybe the company was invited to cooperate by the Japanese side and you don't know how to get there? 

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs try to look for savings not where they belong and instead of professional service try to take up Japanese topics on their own. We often succeed, but we really advise against using Google translator to prepare professional presentations or documents. During a business meeting, it may also turn out that, despite smiles and praise, the topic of cooperation ended as quickly as settling the costs of business travel.

Business travel to Japan

It is worth having appropriate support during the first meeting. Our team will help not only organize the trip but also will be helpful during the meeting if desired.

As a full-fledged tour operator, we also organize incentive trips to Japan as well as sightseeing on the occasion of a business visit.

We value openness and precision in business. Deed must be solid.

Chairman of the Board, Mateusz Kol


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