About us

ICHIGO is an innovative, entrepreneurial company opened in 2009 in Katowice, Poland. ICHIGO focuses on combining cultural aspects of modern and past Japan with local business and people of Poland.

From the cultural & language aspect:
  • biggest Japanese language school-chain in Poland
  • organizer of guided trips to Japan
  • supports ICHIGO MATSURI foundation, opened in 2013, organizer of Japanese culture events and festivals in Poland
From the business aspect:
  • trade between Poland and Japan
  • professional business couching
  • business couching trips in Japan
  • working holiday and workers arrangement for both Japanese and Polish companies in vice-versa relations ( from 2016 )

ICHIGO’s wide-scale operation deepening business & cultural bounds between Japan and Poland is a proof our openness, skilled reactivity for the dynamic changes of surroundings and determination for success.

Our mission: “Assist our clients and partners in reaching success according to Japanese spirit of diligence and hard, effective work”.

Our vision: “To keep the standard of high elasticity with no losses in quality ”.

Contact details:


Headquarters address: ICHIGO SP. Z O. O. SP. K.
Moniuszki 7
40-005, Katowice, Poland
VAT No: PL 9542788940
KRS: 0000720935
REGON: 369575246
E-mail: office@ichigo.pl
Phone No: +48 721 247 050
Working hours: GMT +2, 9:00AM-6:00PM