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Using a unique combination of distance learning with the presence of a teacher, we offer individual online courses! We send our original materials by post. You can meet your teacher during cultural events in the department where he teaches stationary. Lessons without leaving your home or work will save you time and money. Our company is located in Poland, EU however we welcome participants from all over the world!

Our company is located in Poland, EU however we welcome participants from all over the world! The convenient payment system allows payments in many currencies, including EUR, USD, CHF and others!


On-line A

279,00 zł
A slower pace of learning is recommended for people starting their adventure with Japanese.
60 minutes per week
4 lessons monthly

On-line B

399,00 zł
Achieve the best results in the same period of time by participating in this most popular plan.
90 minutes per week
4 lessons monthly

On-line C

499,00 zł
Study online spending more time and giving effort. You will be surprised by the results!
2x60 minutes per week
8 lessons monthly




Important information!


  • The prices listed above include a PLN 20 discount for making payments on time and a PLN 50 discount for signing the forward contract from the selected month to the end of June. In other words, in the case of contracts concluded for an indefinite period, PLN 50 per month should be added to the amounts.
  • Recruitment is carried out throughout the year, and the exact days and times of classes are determined on the basis of applications.
  • Due to possible errors in the display of the page, the above price plan does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code and is valid from 01/08/2019 until further notice.


  • A 50% discount applies for the second immediate family member: siblings / spouses. (Does not apply to individual, mini group or online plans).
Frequently asked questions


In what language are the classes conducted and by whom?

Classes at ICHIGO are taught only by professional teachers from Japan (Japanese). We use the Direct method, which involves communicating in Japanese from the first meeting. However, it is worth knowing that textbooks for beginners in group lessons contain descriptions in Polish . Individual and online non-polish-speaking students are asked to use basic Japanese textbook Minna-no-nihongo I and further. 

At what age can you start learning?
When do the classes take place? 
Are materials included in the price?
Are you running a trial class? 


You can't decide?
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